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David Begelfer's perspective on commercial real estate affairs

Column appearing in the Boston Business Journal May 10, 2019 The exceptional pool of skilled workers living here is what attracts local, national and foreign employers to Massachusetts. As long as we have a sufficient supply of this key talent, growing companies will continue to expand their operations in the Commonwealth. But what happens when
For those of us who have been in business for more than ten years can attest, cycles are an ever-present part of our economic structure. Recessions can be long or short, but they are inevitable. However, they are hard to predict. In hindsight, they may have been obvious; but they seem to surprise most of
Appeared in Boston Real Estate Times – January 7, 2019 NEEDHAM, MA—For the last 27 years, David Begelfer led NAIOP Massachusetts and served as an effective advocate for the state’s commercial real estate industry. “I am very proud of all that has been accomplished over my time leading NAIOP Massachusetts. We have developed exceptional programming,
Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it! The same goes for congestion. Until now! Greater Boston has been experiencing one of the greatest booms in job creation, along with record housing and commercial development. However, the price we all have to pay for this is the traffic congestion that comes
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